When I think of Wendy Williams, my brain automatically creates an image of a powerful host that has helped countless of people with her inspiring advices and guidance.

Wendy Williams

Considering her charismatic personality, I often wondered that Wendy’s life is full of roses and she has nothing to worry about in life, but surprisingly, I learnt about her problems that do not make Wendy an exception!

The bold and beautiful host has long struggled with her fat image in the industry. She too, faced backlash and has been targeted to body shaming many a time.

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Wendy, like most of us, has dealt with poor confidence while carrying herself in a certain outfit, and has wasted hours and hours considering what to wear and what not.

However, the struggle for the 53 years old beauty ended when she finally underwent a serious transformation a couple of years back!

When Wendy was confronted for her amazing weight loss success, she chose to be expressive.

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According to her, she has always find difficulty in maintaining her weight but this time, she sought the services of a specialized weight loss trainer who helped her clear her confusions pertaining to her diet and workouts.

But before we move on to discuss how Wendy Williams lose weight, let us fist reveal what motivated the lady love of Kevin Hunter to a point that she provoked her body to shake off 50 pounds from her 5.9” frame!



53 years.


1.8m (5.9”)

Weight loss:

50 pounds.

Current weight:



As stated earlier, the woman has long battled against her growing weight and issues related to her body image, however, there are three main factors that motivated Williams and encouraged her for a serious change.

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Number 1, she aimed to inspire women with the related weight gain concerns. Secondly, she wanted to look good as she appears on screen and thirdly and very importantly, she was afraid of the health concerns, specially, heart disease, which was very much common in her family.

According to Williams, had she not taken immediate measures against her weight, she would have forced herself to premature death.


Wendy Williams weight loss did not result overnight. It took her sheer patience, dedication and time to lower herself to a healthy weight. As per her, she chose a path that was long, but safe enough to lead her to her destination.

Wendy Williams before and after weight loss photos

The popular radio DJ never favored short routes, and has always supported natural methods.

When asked about the period her body took to lose 50 lbs, she responded three years.


As stated earlier, her measures were natural, but quite fruit bearing. Wendy Williams diet was pescatarian, which she believes, has a major contribution in her success.

According to it, she purged off red meat and chicken from her diet, while fed on fish.

Another element worth mentioning her diet is that she paid a heavy emphasis on breakfast. She added a great variety of nutritious items to be taken in the morning, which she believes is very essential for a healthy body.

Apart from the health and fitness perspective, Williams believe that a nutrition-packed breakfast keeps her active and energized throughout.

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Training was another essential part of her regime. According to her, it was her diet that enabled her to enjoy her trainings as she never lacked energy for them.

The crux of Wendy Williams workout were Pilates, resistance and cardio exercises.

It is interesting to know, that despite being very busy in her professional life, the host spared time for her trainings. Even to this date, she workouts 5 times a week!


wendy williams weight lossEven though, Wendy never shies from sporting her enviable physique and boasting her deadly curves, her struggles are not over yet.

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She follows the same regime, to maintain what she gained through a hard labor! In a recent interview, the mother of one expressed how good she feels after bidding farewell to all her excess weight.

That is, weight loss has not just helped her look great, but also, feel great!

Wendy Williams before and after photos are good enough to increase the temperature higher! And never to forget mentioning, her spell bounding personality that creates an impression, wherever she goes!

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